The Cobble Street Rats

Stories of a group of rats living on cobbled street

Published Books

The Forming Of The Gang

The Forming Of The Gang £5.99

Christmas Adventure

Christmas Adventure £5.99

The Easter Hunt

The Easter Hunt £5.99

The Pirate's Shop

The Pirate's Shop £5.99


Halloween £5.99

Where can you get our books?

Our books are available from Amazon, also from Rossiter's Book Shop in Monmouth.

Our Testimonials

What our clients say about the books, reviews and comments.

I have bought all of the books in the series. I think they are entertaining stories with endearing characters and lovely illustrations. Just the right length for a bedtime story for young children or for slightly older children to read themselves. A handy size to take with you on holiday or travelling in the car too.

K Wallis


I bought these books for my grandchildren. They absolutely loved them and so did I.



I have recently purchased a set of these books The Cobble Street Rats for my niece and nephew. The story of Chance and his friends is enchanting, showing a tale of friendship and morals, a great read for my niece and nephew, they absolutely love them, cant wait for the next book to come out.

K Gwilliam

Forest Of Dean

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